Dec 5, 2017

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Flower Gardening

Gardening is a beautiful hobby a person can have to keep his soul and environment both clean and pure.  People do gardening in their back yard or terrace or even in the balconies.  The most famous gardening trends is flower gardening. Flower gardens can turn an ordinary area into a colorful showcase or create a border that pops.

Selecting the right plants for your flower garden is often a matter of preference, but with so many species and varieties available it can be mind-boggling. Consider the following when designing a garden: hardiness, color, fragrance, height, time of bloom and size of plant. Once you have determined what you want in a flower and what kind of environment you can provide, planting and caring for flowers in your garden becomes fun.

Many flowers are started in a greenhouse before moving to the garden. Whether you grow your own seedlings or purchase them from a garden store, be sure to harden them off first. There is no better way to bring flowers into the vegetable patch then with a cutting garden. A perfect match really– harvesting fresh cut flowers each week alongside the vegetables keeps fresh blooms coming all season long.  This constant presence of flowers in the garden keeps all these good guys we have attracted right where we need them, in the garden.

Gardening can often be daunting, especially for someone who’s been let down, say, one or two times already by fruits that never sprouted or flowers that never sprung.  Flower gardening is grueling and breathtaking, messy and pristine. I would be hard pressed to find a career that contains such drastically disparate tasks as digging trenches in the dirt and arranging whimsical blossoms into vases with the color wheel in mind. And flowers do so much beyond bring the pretty.

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