Dec 26, 2017

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Hazard Trees

Trees are very important to decorate your lawn or back yard with mother-nature.  They play an important role in making your home beautiful and air clean.  But sometimes, they also become dangerous for us if they are grown unevenly or hazardously.  They also catch diseases which can affect their health and beauty.

Some symptoms of hazard trees include dead or dying trees, dead parts of live trees, or unstable live trees that are within striking distance of people or property. If not treated well in time, hazard tree can require immediate removal, or other mitigating actions, to reduce the level of risk posed. The risk posed by a tree is dependent on the likelihood of a tree failure occurring, combined with the severity of the potential consequences of such a failure.

A tree can be considered a hazardous due to:

  • A decay
  • A potential target that may face loss.

When you find one or more defects on a tree, seek a consultation with a certified arborist in order to determine the level of risk the tree poses to failing, or hitting a target. Many factors contribute to a trees’ risk, including the species, age, and site on which it is growing. It is important to consult an expert to lower your risk.

To look for hazardous conditions, inspect each tree systematically. Start by scanning the top, using binoculars if necessary. Examine the top & crown first. They can fall in the slightest breeze, when a mower bumps the tree, or a child climbs in it. Familiarize yourself with the tree history. Check for signs of any decay. Last but not the least, check the roots. Roots are an important cause of trees becoming hazardous.

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